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 Obtaining you the Maximum

Compensation with our

top-notch legal + medical

teams is what we do.

1) It's NOT Your Fault

You’re the victim of another’s negligence. Insurance coverage is for this one thing, and this is where our injury attorneys will start: opening a claim and investigating all policies for maximum benefits and settlement compensation.

2) Help at Zero Cost

Here at LegalQs, we can’t stop your accident from happening, but when it does, our primary focus is immediately getting you top notch medical care at zero cost to you where our injury attorneys utilize auto insurance to cover these costs.

3) Maximum Compensation

Our team of injury attorneys will obtain you the maximum financial settlement with our superior case management  system. LegalQs will build your settlement value through medical treatment, lost wage/loss of enjoyment analysis, and in-depth research into all future needs for you and your family.

Maximum Compensation 

It’s All We Do – ALWAYS Zero Cost to You!

Million in Settlements

Client Costs


Satisfied Customers

Years in Business

Why we’re different

Our attorneys are litigation based law firms that specialize in the largest settlements for our clients. LegalQs attorneys do this by producing the strongest possible threat towards the at-fault parties so that your settlement is obtained at the highest possible amount in the shortest period of time.

From Our Clients

“After a taxi hit my car and ran away, LegalQs team was able to get me $100,000 for my accident.”

Elisha C.

Car Accident Client 2020

“Even though the other guy ran a red light and hit my car, their insurance company was blaming me! I contacted LegalQs and with their help, I was awarded $87,000 for my car accident case!”

Alexis H.

Car Accident Client 2019

“I was rear-ended while driving for uber and I was unable to work. LegalQs team immediately got me into the best doctors and after 8 months, my case settled for $242,000! Thank You LegalQs!”

James C.

Car Accident Client 2018

“I was t-boned in an intersection and even though I didn’t have health insurance, LegalQs was able to get me medical care the very day I called them, and after 5 months of medical care, LegalQs was able to help settle my case for $1,200,000. I am team LegalQs for Life!”

Janina C.

Car Accident Client 2016


Your top questions answered below:

How is this Zero Cost?

As a victim, your cost to us is always zero. Payment for medical treatment, vehicle repair, lost wages, legal, future needs and more will all be paid through the at-fault parties coverage, not your own.

You never end up paying us anything, and that’s our guarantee to you!

Do I need an Attorney?

You already know the answer.

You already have a ton of experience dealing with insurance companies; health, auto, home, etc.

Insurance companies do everything they can to limit or deny coverage; that is their duty to their employer. 

Our overly capable attorneys focus on putting the most amount of money in your pocket period.

At LegalQs, our attorneys will begin your case setting you up with the highest quality medical professionals that specialize in your exact types of injuries.

With our attorneys, your medical treatment will be zero cost as with our relationships, the medical providers will wait until the end of your case for us to pay them for your care.

Our next task is to undergo a thorough policy investigation into all responsible parties involved in your injury. This is how your attorneys know how much to build your case value up to.

Once your attorneys have built your case, it’s time to convey that value to the at-fault parties and obtain your maximum compensation, but your only threat is proceeding into court if they don’t settle out of court.

In that case, your threat is based off your ability, so insurance companies look up your track record for trial success in order to determine whether to accept your initial offers, or not.

This is why you need an attorney

How much is my case worth?

Case value is based on 3 major components: Liability, Damage, and Coverage.

1) Liability: your case is most valuable when it is very clear exactly who’s fault the injury is.

2) Damage: provable damages and dollar amounts from said damages makes your case more valuable. Damages include medical bills, vehicle bills, lost wages, loss of enjoyment, future medical needs, etc.

3) Coverage: you can’t get something from nothing, so quality injury attorneys investigate all potential policies and parties they can obtain compensation from, and higher coverage means that more value is available for you.

How soon should I contact LegalQs?

Call (702) LEGAL-QS immediately after calling 911 for your legal/medical needs.

At LegalQs, we’ll contact the insurance companies for you and file your claim with you.

Getting your car towed, repaired, and obtaining a rental vehicle is all part of our service to you.

Medical attention is one call away as we have an extremely large nationwide network of medical physicians we can access to obtain medical care for you as quickly as possible. 

Your focus remains on getting well, and our focus literally covers everything else, so contact us today!

Let’s turn this accident into a positive together!

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